Fabian was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 9 years old he started learning folk dances until he discovered tango. He then trained next to the best tango teachers of Argentina and appeared at theaters and milongas in Buenos Aires. Additionally, he worked for a program sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina, where he taught tango to children and teenagers on a professional level. In 2002 he decided to travel to Greece in order to expand his artistic horizons.
Fabian came to Greece to dance tango and Gina went to Argentina for the same reason. Their paths were met a little while after she returned home, when they started dancing together. Since then (December 2004) they teach seminars and give performances in many Greek cities, like Hania, Thessaloniki, Volos, Xanthi, Larissa, Patra and Halkida. They have participated in festivals in Greece as a dancing couple (Diarroes Festival, Aradosivia Festival, Patras Tango Fiesta etc.), but also in collaboration with the orchestra Novitango (Icarus Festival, Irea – Pythagorean Festival, Pinios Festival etc.). Most recently they participated in the Festival Patagonia y Tango in Argentina. Fabian and Gina have performed in music halls / stages and theatres in Athens and other Greek cities and have collaborated with the musician Zoe Tiganouria, Quinteto Tangarto and many other musicians. They have danced for Giannis’ Eolou videoa art and they have danced their own choreographies in Greek and Argentinian milongas. They run together a regular weekly milonga in Athens. In 2008 Fabian participated as a judge in the Tango Competition in Bariloche, Argentina (semi-finals for the World Tango Competition in Buenos Aires). They run FelinoTango Studio in Athens, where they teach tango.